Arizon, part of YFY group, a major RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) manufacturer is optimistically about the future prospects of RFID in domestic smart retail. It returned to Taiwan for the first time and built Taiwan's largest RFID factory in Tucheng, which will be completed next week. In order to demonstrate the convenient application of RFID, Arizon also partnered with the leading domestic retailer, 7-ELEVEN, to build the first future convenient store (X-STORE) in Taiwan that utilizes RFID sensing checkout system, which officially opened this weekend.


Founded in 2007, Arizon is mainly engaged in the design, R&D, manufacturing and after-sales service of RFID and related intelligent systems. It is the world's largest RFID ODM manufacturer with a market share of nearly 25%. Originally, Arizon main production and operation base were in mainland China. In the middle of this year, Arizon formally submitted an application to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to apply for listing. It is expected to become the first overseas listed company of YFY Group.

Arizon enthusiastically looks forward to the arrival of the
5G era and the development of IoT becomes more diversified and mature. At the same time, in response to the global supply chain shifting from global division to short-chain supply, Arizon announced the construction of a new plant in Tucheng to facilitate nearby customers. It will open on December 18, becoming the third factory of Arizon on both sides of the strait and the first factory in Taiwan. Currently, it plans to produce 1 billion RFID tags per year, making it the largest RFID factory in Taiwan. 

In order to demonstrate more possibilities of RFID in smart retail, Arizon announced that it will collaborate with 7-ELEVEN to build the first X-STORE future store in Taichung that utilizes RFID sensing checkout system. It will officially operate this Saturday(12th), and Arizon will be responsible for supporting RFID tags and software facilities.


7-ELEVEN X-STORE future store has more 10,000 items in the entire store, including mircowave food, all products are attached with RFID tags and automatically sensed during checkout. Even if you purchase a variety of goods, the list and price can be displayed less than a second and complete the checkout process less than 10 senconds, it's pay quickly, take it and go, making the convenience store more convenient.


The director of Arizon pointed out that RFID achieves automatic data collection through the interconnection technology of tags and readers. In the recognition technology, whether it is distance sensing, amount of data, speed and the accuracy, it is better than current one by one barcode scanning. In the past, you had to point the goods at the barcode scanner one by one for checkout. Now, through the "group reading" of RFID, consumers only need to put the items in the sensing area to complete the checkout process. Easy and fast!


Arizon has partnered with 7-ELEVEN to create the RFID-enabled store of the future, all items are attached with RFID tags.

Arizon has partnered with 7-ELEVEN to create the RFID-enabled store of the future, all items are attached with RFID tags.

Arizon has partnered with 7-ELEVEN to create the RFID-enabled store of the future, all items are attached with RFID tags.

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