Arizon RFID Technology is one of the largest RFID ODM manufacturers worldwide. Our products are used by customers around the world, and the cumulative sales has exceeded 17 billion pieces. Everyone can benefit from using finger-sized tags in different fields and environments, to accelerate the efficiency of logistics and management, reduce inventory accumulation, eliminate waste of consumables, and achieve improvement of environment and resources.

Our company started from the laboratory products of MIT Auto-ID Center. YFY Group invested in research resources, optimization of the production capacity and creation application scenarios. RFID tags have become an identifier with wireless communication, read-write information, and fast and long-distance recognition. Many years of practical experience in RFID, the strategic cooperation with EPCglobal and the world’s major brands, we provide complete and comprehensive solutions and services for customers who would adopt RFID technology.

With strong R&D capabilities, as well as the insistence of production process and product quality, Arizon not only accelerates the expansion of production capacity in Yangzhou (China), Taipei (Taiwan), and other places, but also achieves the highest certification standard in the RFID industry: AUBURN University ARC quality certification, which enables our products to be adopted by leading global customers, and can be quickly connected with different reading environments and various heterogeneous systems, allowing product information to flow seamlessly like the air, heading to our ideal world where everything is connected.

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