• 100% Asset Visibility

  • Reducing Labor Costs

  • Enhancing Inventory Efficiency

RFID Asset Management System provides improved efficiency for asset management and inventory checking in alltypes of industries. With RFID Handheld Reader and Asset Management Software Application, the process is now easyand simple for the operators. It economizes manpower, increases data accuracy, and exports detailed reports.

Application Areas and Using Benefits

  • Reducing paperwork drastically
  • Improving asset management efficiency
  • Enhancing inventory speed and correctness
  • Increasing paperwork inventory correctness
  • Reducing manpower costs
  • Avoiding labor costs
  • Keeping up with stock status
  • Enabling daily in-store inventory counts
  • Unmanned stores /Smart retail
  • Reducing the risk of material loss
  • Quick search for materials of order
  • Strengthening product processes management

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