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Arizon RFID Apparel Tags Series

The RFID tagging of apparel is now the largest and fastest-growing application of RFID in retailing, the retail supply chain, and associated industries. About 100 organizations are tagging apparel in trials and rollouts.

In Arizon, we can offer you the best RFID tags for clothes, our RFID apparel tags technologies can be applied to production, distribution, retail, and inventory in the apparel industry, and can be applied to consumer behavior analysis to understand fashion trends. In the production process, the RFID apparel tags can be seen in the product or attached to the price tag, and each clothes product has a unique identification code. Utilizing RFID multi-tag reading technology and fast reading is not only improving the efficiency of logistics delivery, but also control the entire production process more easily, and make each clothing has independent traceability of production history. With Arizon's high-precision, high-stability, and high-reliability Bonding and  Converting process and product design, it realizes a low-cost label solution that is most suitable for application scenarios.

Why use RFID Apparel Tags in Clothing and Textile Industry?

The textile and clothing industries were the earlier ones to apply RFID technology to reduce the lead time between manufacturing and retailing. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has proved to be a savior for the rapidly changing fashion industry by streamlining its operations and improving efficiency. RFID clothing stores and smart inventory use RFID readers to carry out warehouse inventory, thus ensuring the balance of inventory, and timely replenishment, to avoid the phenomenon that certain clothing in the clothing store is out of stock or broken code, to ensure the normal needs of customers. Or carry out post-management and anti-theft management of product sales, and further integrate the collection of customer preference information, as a follow-up further purchase basis or management and marketing strategy analysis.

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