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Arizon Taiwan team, as one of the leader RFID antenna manufacturers, we have developed a variety of high-quality RFID antennas, including outdoor far-field RFID antennas (8-10dbic), which can be applied on streets, shipping docks, a wide range of gateways, and parking lot entrances. Furthermore, Arizona has developed a variety of indoor, ultra-thin, near-field (3-6dbic) and small RFID antennas, which can be applied to desktops, checkout counter applications, merchandise stands, handhelds, and different size cases (boxes).

The UHF RFID antenna we designed can gain the frequencies of the US and Europe, and there are several special models that can be dust-proof and waterproof, in addition, it supports the most common connectors in the world, such as N Jack and SMA connectors. The following are various types of RFID antenna products.

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