RAIN RFID provide reliable and efficiency asset management


Assets are an essential resource of a company, and managing assets requires reliable and efficient management methods. Traditional routine management often tasks a lot of man-hours for asset management. In addition to spending a lot of time, it also often causes losses due to poor management efficiency and errors. RAIN RFID asset management system is an efficient, rigorous, and high-frequency asset management solution.


Operating company (or organization), asset recycling (asset acquisition, acceptance, custody, inventory, maintenance, and distribution accounts) will become increasingly complex as the organization expands and accumulates over time.

Each department will have the required fixed assets, such as laptops, projectors, measuring equipment and production equipment, etc. In addition to continuously purchasing and eliminating these fixed assets, managers always spend considerable time and effort.

It is not only necessary to track their whereabouts, but also to ensure that they are regularly inspected and maintained, and accounting checks are conducted from time to time. Even so, a large amount of human intervention is not only half the effort, but also often causes errors and losses.


However, most companies still use old-fashioned spreadsheets or older systems to manage assets. They need to record data on paper and then convert it to the system.

Every time an asset needs to be inventory, it will be a nightmare for managers, and the accuracy and efficiency of the count are both troublesome for corporate managers and custodians. Common problems:

l   Unable to take inventory quickly (Paperwork and scope are too large)

l   Asset loss (Inventory profit does not record, inventory loss does adjust by elimination)

l   Unmatched with the record (Not in the original custodian or place of storage)

l   Improper use of expiration date (Exceeding the service life or frequency, chemical container, precision measuring instrument)

l   Loss of idle assets (Only inventory, no maintenance records)


These older management methods have poor operating efficiency, high error rates, and incomplete functions, and are no longer suitable for use in today's complex management requirements.

Compared with traditional management methods, the RAIN RFID asset management system is designed to take into account today’s mobile working environment and integrate asset-related information.

Therefore, it can update information and confirm asset locations in real-time, and achieve a large number of rapid inventory needs, and use Handheld RFID equipment reduces the process by up to 90%, and helps companies solve the problem of asset loss and time cost.


Compared with traditional Barcode, RAIN RFID has a wide range of sensing, fast group reading inventory, longer data length, reliable label appearance protection, lightweight inventory handheld reader and friendly integrated application software environment, which can be used in high penetration rate of mobile intelligence works on the device. Therefore, the advantages of deploying:

l   Improve work efficiency and save time and cost

l   Automatically identify assets and synchronize databases

l   Clear asset information retrieval, detailed reports, and provision of real-time and transparent information

l   Location recognition, real-time-search, location, and identification of the location of the tagged asset (Can be used with the equipment inspection system)


Arizon RFID Technology provides a lightweight and ergonomically designed handheld RAIN RFID device AL-100 to make inventory easy. Multi-item processing does not need to be scanned one by one. With an asset management system, it can control account authentication and find specific ID items. It is suitable for clothing inventory, school desk chair inventory, bank, and insurance company file inventory, police station preservation of criminal evidence, and IT equipment, etc.



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AL-100 AL-100 (arizontw.com)


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 YC Chen   Aug. 12, 2021

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